Eace Gum Jonathan Harboe behind the scenes

Join us behind the scenes

It was a big deal to make a campaign with the huge TV-star Jonathan Harboe. Therefore, we had a film crew capturing content 'behind the scenes'.

A small mockumentary series has now come out of it. Join us behind the scenes and experience what it's like when a small start-up makes their first big campaign.

We can reveal that it was not quite as we expected.

"Totally down to earth"
"I'm back from New York, man"
“Can I see your ears?”

In this episode, Jonathan Harboe meets the team behind Eace Gum for the first time. Jonathan has just arrived from New York and tries to get used to the climate and the low buildings in Denmark.

"But isn't it dangerous with those lions?"
"It looks like condoms."
"Life is like a mirror"

It's day two behind the scenes and Jonathan is starting to feel at home. Denmark is still a bit small for Jonathan and the package design is getting a hard ride.

"Are you completely sick in the head!?"

The third and last day of the chewing gum adventure offers a bit of everything. The boxing scene causes the waves to go high, and there is a lot of tension on the set.

Det gik ikke helt som forventet

Se Jonathan Harboe udfolde sig i vores tre kampagnefilm herunder. 

Vores klipper har været på overarbejde, men vi er rigtig glade og taknemmelige for at vi endte med et brugbart resultat, efter de hektiske dage.


“Push harder if you want a different tomorrow”


"Life is like a mirror, smile at it and it will smile back at you"


“Take care of yourbody, it’s the only place you have to live”